Rules & Information

Marina Facilities:

Office Facilities:

The office is open from Monday to Thursday, 8 am to 2 pm. Phone number is 604-733-3512, email address is Frances Roelofs is the Administrative Manager of the marina and can assist you. Emergency contacts are posted on the office door.

Maintenance Requests:

For any maintenance requests, slip alteration inquiries, or similar items please submit them to the office. The marina has a fantastic maintenance manager who oversees the day to day care of the facilities and will be able to take care of most requests.

Coming into the Marina:

There are always people around the marina able to assist when docking or leaving your slip. When coming in just do 4 blasts on your horn to alert the members and you will find some extra hands on deck and meet a few friendly faces at the same time.


Public washrooms are located on the outside of the center building and are open 24/7 unless occupied.


There are taps at most slips for fill up and wash purposes. During freezing periods most recreational taps will be shut off, but there are always some taps left on and accessible. There is also a hot water faucet on the north side of the center building.


A Vac-u-san system is available free of charge for pumping out holding tanks. A hose for pump-out is available for common use at the central building, near the drill press. DO NOT LEAVE VAC-U-SAN PUMPING FOR LONGER THAN TWO MINUTES AT A TIME, as the system can be overloaded by prolonged pumping. Should this occur the water system for the entire marina will lose pressure and shut off, requiring a reset. An alarm will sound if water shut off is imminent. Pumping of toilets overboard is strictly forbidden; use your holding tank or the Marina washrooms which are open 24/7.


There is an ice freezer on the north side of the center building that is cash only. Small envelopes are provided, take your ice, and place the appropriate cash amount in the envelope and leave it in the mail slot at the office.

Marina Rules:

Overnight stays on your boat:

Overnight stays are permitted but are limited to: 2 consecutive nights, up to 8 nights in a month, up to 60 nights per calendar year.

Dock and finger use:

Nothing is to be fixed to the dock. This includes cleats, additional floats, and dock platforms. Requests for cleats or any installs must be run through the marina office. The marina provides dinghy floats for rental if there is sufficient space in the slip. Dock boxes are not allowed on any of the main docks. Limited storage on shared fingers is permitted if access is not restricted and neighbouring boats agree.


  • Valid parking tags are required to park in the underground or use the 20-minute loading zone at the top of the ramp. Due to a limited number of stalls, parking in the underground is limited to 72 hours per visit (3 days maximum). Please note the red line and park within it in all spaces.
  • The 20-minute limit for the loading zone at the top of the ramp is strictly enforced. Please ensure that your vehicle is in and out of this heavily used area in under 20 minutes. Friends, visitors, and tradespeople can park in Sitka Square or the Easy Park lot but should not use the loading zone.
  • Vehicles in violation of parking regulations are subject to towing.

Power Cords:

Only marine grade outdoor power cords are acceptable (minimum wire size 14-gauge, three wire), including for access to 110V. Household type cords, including outdoor extension cords, are not acceptable. Ensure power cords remain in good condition and are kept entirely out of the water. Unplug any power cord left on the dock after departure from the dock power source.

Marina Security:

Marina keys and fobs are not to be copied and are intended for the use of recreational contract owners only. Trades and contractors are welcome, but please inform the office before sending anyone down unaccompanied. Do not allow strangers into the marina unless they have a fob or have been buzzed through the gate.

Vessel Condition:

All vessels should be left in good repair. Halyards should be stored properly to prevent clanging. All items should be stored neatly to prevent dock clutter. Winter covers or tarps are to be removed by April 30th each year. When docked, ensure that the vessel’s anchor is not protruding over the dock.


There is no smoking permitted in any marina common areas, including docks, facilities, and the underground parking lot.

Dogs at the marina:

We love our furry friends! Dogs are welcome at the marina but must be always on a leash while on the docks.

Freebie table:

This small table beside the mailboxes is for boaters to leave useful and reusable objects which others may find useful. It is not for perishables, garbage, or recyclables. Use discretion when leaving something on the table and dispose of it if it has not been taken within 3 days.

Join the Waitlist!

    Spruce Harbour Marina currently has a waitlist of approximately 5 years for 30′ slips and 10+ years for 40′ slips. To inquire about joining the waitlist please contact our office at 604-733-3512 or

    Interested in receiving sublet offers?