The Co-op

The Greater Vancouver Floating Home Co-operative is an equity co-op, which owns and operates Spruce Harbour Marina. The GVFHC was formed in 1974 to find a legitimate way for people to live on their boats in the heart of the city. The name is misleading in that the marina is designed for pleasurecraft with the intention that they would be able to leave the docks under their own power. The Co-op currently has 55 members who live aboard their vessels and who make recreational moorage available to the public.

Located in downtown Vancouver, BC, on the south shore of False Creek just east of Granville Island, the marina provides a quiet refuge. The site is on a long-term lease from the City of Vancouver, and all members pay a Liveaboard License Fee (in lieu of property taxes) to the City. All liveaboard boats are hooked directly into the septic system and have access to water and power at each slip as well as high speed internet and cable TV. The center building provides laundry, showers, and a sauna, as well as an upper lounge area with kitchen and BBQs for members’ use. The secure underground parking garage is beneath the nearby False Creek Elementary School’s soccer field.

There are two ways to become a member: Buy an existing boat from a current member, or join the waiting list (currently about 10-15 years). When a member sells their boat and leaves the co-op, their shares are redeemed by the GVFHC. If the boat has been sold to someone wishing to become a member, the GVFHC will interview the prospective member and, on approval, will sell the shares to the new member. If the boat has been sold to someone who does not wish to become a member, the shares will be offered to the person at the top of the waiting list.

40th Anniversary Celebration Book

Greater Vancouver Floating Home Co-operative

The Greater Vancouver Floating Home Co-operative was incorporated in 1974 as part of the massive re-development of False Creek. Formerly home to mills and log booms, False Creek was beginning its transformation into the wonderful residential and cultural neighbourhood that we know today.