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Safety Notice - Emergency Dock Ladders

In 2012 and 2013 SHM installed new emergency dock ladders throughout the marina. The ladders are made of stainless steel in three telescoping sections. Each ladder is mounted on a yellow block on the side of a dock or at the end of a dock finger. The ladder is stowed out of the water and ready for deployment. In the case that a person has fallen into the water, the person can swim up to the ladder (hopefully) and pull the ladder down into the water by pulling on the yellow lowest rung. The ladder will extend about 1 meter or 3.5 feet into the water.

For your personal safety and for your visiting friends we urge you to observe the following points:

  1. Make yourself aware of the location of the nearest ladder in the vicinity of your boat.
  2. Periodically check that the ladder is out of the water and properly stowed, ready for deployment in an emergency. This is necessary because a ladder may occasionally fall down into the water by being bumped. If a ladder has been in the water for some time it becomes covered in slime, mussels and barnacles, rendering the ladder difficult to use.
  3. If you have used the ladder, e.g. to assist a diver that may have been working under your boat, re-stow the ladder out of the water.
  4. Do not block access on the dock in front of the ladder with anything, e.g. planters, boat equipment or bicycles. A person trying to climb out of the water does need a landing place. Also, if access is blocked, it is more difficult to adhere to points 2 and 3 above. To highlight the need for a clear access, maintenance will paint the area in front of each ladder with a yellow and black striped pattern. Keep this area clean and uncluttered.
  5. Pull up the ladder until all the telescoping rungs have been fully retracted. You may need to wiggle the rungs somewhat and angle them slightly away from the dock to clear a jam and to get them up and parallel.
  6. Lower the package of rungs slightly until the lowest, yellow rung is positioned close to and parallel to the highest rung. The highest rung is stationary and permanently mounted to the dock.
  7. Engage the two yellow springs, one on each side of the yellow lowest rung, above and on the inside of the stationary rung (see picture). This will keep the ladder out of the water and ready for deployment.

How to stow a ladder that has been deployed:ladder stowing

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